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Across The Lands Chords

Stuart Townend | average from reviews

Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
           D               G
You're the Word of God the Father,
       D                A
From before the world began;
      G        G6    D/F# 
Every star and ev'ry planet 
         Em                G
Has been fashioned by Your hand.
       D             G
All creation holds together
       D             A
By the power of Your voice:
        G        G6        D/F# 
Let the skies declare Your glory,
        Em       G       Asus4
Let the land and seas rejoice!

           G            D
You're the Author of creation,
D/F#           G       A2    Bm    Bm/A
    You're the Lord of ev'ry man;
         G      G/A        Bm7
And Your cry of love rings out
 A         D
Across the lands.

Verse 2:
        D                G
Yet You left the gaze of angels,
        D                 A
Came to seek and save the lost,
      G                  G6      D/F# 
And exchanged the joy of heaven
        Em           G
For the anguish of a cross.
       D                  G
With a prayer You fed the hungry,
       D                    A
With a word You stilled the sea;
        G     G6     D/F# 
Yet how silently You suffered
         Em     G       Asus4
That the guilty may go free.  [to Chorus]

Verse 3:
        D                G
With a shout You rose victorious,
         D                A
Wresting victory from the grave,
      G           G6    D/F# 
And ascended into heaven
        Em               G
Leading captives in Your wake.
        D                G
Now You stand before the Father
     D               A
Interceding for Your own.
          G         G6         D/F# 
From each tribe and tongue and nation
        Em      G       Asus4
You are leading sinners home.  [to Chorus]
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