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Kees Kraayenoord, Chris Eaton | average from reviews

Original Key: Db

Tempo: 60

{Verse 1}
Db                 Fm7
  O what a blessing, how can I express it?
Bbm7                       Gb
  Out of the fullness of rapture I sing
Db                Fm7
  Now by the Father received and accepted
Bbm7                   Gb        Ab   Gb   Ab
  I am a child and an heir of a King

Db         Fm7            Gb
I am adopted, O what a wonderful love
               Bbm     Ab
You've been so good to me
Db                Fm7                   Gb
Heir to a heritage, joyfully purchased above
         Bbm    Fm          Gb
Tell it, my soul, joyfully sing
       Ebm                    Db
I am a child and an heir of a King
    Fm7   Bbm   Gb/Ab  
Oh, oh,   oh.        
[Last time] 

{Verse 2}
Db               Fm7
  O what a Father, how tenderly gracious
Bbm7                   Gb
  O what a Saviour to make me His care
  Though I have slighted, 
  Rejected and grieved Him
Bbm7                        Gb     
  Still He permits me His kingdom to share
Ab   Gb   Ab
  [To Chorus]

{Verse 3}
Db                   Fm7
  When I have finished the work He appoints me
Bbm7                     Gb
  When I have ended my journey below
Db                 Fm7
  Then to the Father and Jesus, my Saviour
Bbm7                    Gb     
  Home to a beautiful palace I go.  
Ab    Gb    Ab
  [To Chorus]


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