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Benediction Chords

Keith Getty, Stuart Townend | average from reviews

Original Key: A

Tempo: 120

Verse 1:
E/G#    A                A/C#     D  A
May the peace of God our heav'nly Father, 
        F#m7     Bm7              Esus4   E
And the grace of Christ the risen Son, 
        A             A/C#    D  A
And the fellowship of God the Spirit 
         F#m7       Bm7              Esus4    E
Keep our hearts and minds within His love.

A/C#   E  F#m7  E/G#  E       D/F#  D   A
And to Him be  praise for His glorious  reign, 
A/C#     E     F#m7  E/G#  E      D/F#       A
From the depths of   earth to the heights of heav'n.
     E     F#m7  E/G# E      F#m  E6   D
We declare the   name of the Lamb once slain: 
        A/E         Esus4  E    Asus4  A
Christ eternal, the King     of kings!

Verse 2: 
May this peace which passes understanding,
And this grace which makes us what we are,
And this fellowship of His communion
Make us one in spirit and in heart.