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Exalted Over All Chords

Jess Cates, Jason Ingram,Andi Rozier | 5 average from 1 reviews

Original Key: B

Tempo: 105

B5   F#/B   B   C#m/B   B
     F#/B   B   C#m/B   B

{Verse 1}
From Heaven's throne You came to us 
And set Your heart upon the cross
We'll never know the sacrifice You made

{Verse 2}
For all our sin and all our shame
You took the nails and took our place
No one else could do what You have done

{Chorus 1}
            B                   B/D#    E
One name is higher, one name is stronger 
         B              F#
Than any grave than any throne
         G#m        E2
Christ exalted over all

{Verse 3}
From the grave where death would die
You rose again, brought us life
       E/B                            B
You're reigning now the Savior of the world
       E                G#m           F#
You're reigning now the Savior of the world

[Repeat Chorus 1]

{Chorus 2}
         B                B/D#   E
The only Savior, Jesus Messiah
        B                  F#
To You alone, our praise belongs
         G#m        E2
Christ exalted over all

      F#                G#m
We'll sing Your praise, sing Your praise
   E                   B
We sing Your praise forever
   F#                 G#m
We lift Your name, we lift Your name
      E          B
[1.] Jesus over all [Repeat]
[2.] Jesus over all

[Repeat Chorus 1]

[Repeat Chorus 2]

Our praise belongs
         G#m        E
Christ exalted over all


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