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Gifted response (We will worship You) Chords

Matt Redman

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Intro: D2 D2#5 D2 D2#5 Verse: D D2#5 This is a gifted response, D D2#5 Father, we cannot come to You by our own merit, D D2#5 We will come in the name of Your Son, D D2#5 As He glorifies You, and in the power of Your Spirit. Em7 D/F# We have come to something so mysterious, G A7sus4 Too deep for minds to comprehend, Em7 D/F# Through the open door where the angels sing G A7sus4 And the host of heaven are antheming. Chorus: D2 And we'll sing the glory of Your name, Em7 Celebrate the glories of Your grace, G Gm We will worship You, we will worship You. D And we'll make Your praise so glorious, Em7 Singing songs of everlasting praise, G Gm D We will worship You, we will worship You.