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Hosanna Chords

Casey J

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Original Key: Bb

Tempo: 92

{Intro} Gm Eb Bb Gm Eb Bb Gm Eb Bb Gm Eb Bb {Chorus} Gm Eb Bb F Hosanna, hosanna in the highest Gm Eb Bb F When You come, everything must change Gm Eb Bb F Hosanna, now that You're here Gm Eb Bb 1.3. This place will never be the same [to v.1, v.2] Gm Eb Bb F 2.4. This place will never be the same [Repeat] Gm Eb Bb 5.6. This place will never be the same [to Bridge] {Verse 1} Bb As You rode into Jerusalem Gm Eb Bb The city filled the street with palms And now You've come here like a rushing wind Gm Eb Bb And we will join with their response We'll sing... [Repeat Chorus x2] {Verse 2} Bb As You walked the road to Calvary Gm Eb Bb The cross weighed down with all our sins Your death paid what You did not owe Gm Eb Bb So we can sing in freedom [Repeat Chorus x2] {Bridge} F Cm7 Gm F You are welcome here, You are welcome here Eb Cm7 Bb F Life is changed forevermore Eb Gm F As You've come before, now You have appeared Eb Cm7 Bb 1.3. Life is changed forevermore [Repeat; 1x to v.3: x2 to tag] Eb Cm7 Bb 2. Life is changed forevermore [Repeat; to v.3] {Verse 3} Bb Now we wait for You expectantly Gm Eb Bb You promised us You would return The prophet said 'Your King will come' Gm Eb Bb So we rest our hope on that sure word [Repeat Chorus] [Repeat Bridge x2] {Tag} Bb Cm Eb Forevermore. Forevermore Gm Bb/D Cm Eb Forever - more Forevermore Gm Bb/D Cm Eb Bb Forever - more Forevermore
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Bible References

  • - Mark 11:10
  • - John 12:13
  • - Matthew 21:9
  • - Psalms 130:5

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