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I Stand Before Almighty God Alone Chords

Jennie Lee Riddle, Brandon Collins

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 122

INTRO F/A C/G F C VERSE 1 F/A C/G You have always called my name F Am You have waited patiently F/A C/G It's Your love that's never changed Gsus G F You know me, You know me CHORUS C F C I stand before Almighty God alone C F C I yield my need to cast the blame or stone C F C I've given up, my heart is now exposed C F C I stand before Almighty God alone Repeat INTRO VERSE 2 F/A C/G All the rights I've called my own F Am Everything that I've believed F/A C/G All my future and my hope Gsus G F Is with Thee, is with Thee Repeat CHORUS BRIDGE Am G F C There's mourning breaking on the hill F G C The quiet dawns with peace and still Am G F C My restless heart is now at home F Gsus G C I stand here with my God alone Repeat CHORUS (INSTRUMENTAL) Repeat CHORUS & BRIDGE