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Look To The Skies Chords

Graham Kendrick

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: D Look to the skies, there's a celebration, Bm Em7 Asus4 A Lift up your heads, join the angel song, Bm G For our Creator becomes our Saviour, Em7 Asus4 A As a baby born! D Angels, amazed, bow in adoration: Bm Em7 Asus4 A 'Glory to God in the highest heaven!' Bm G Send the good news out to every nation Em Asus4 A For our hope has come. Chorus: Bm Em A Worship the King - come, see His brightness; Bm G Asus4 A Worship the King, His wonders tell: Bm G A Jesus our King is born today; Em7 G/F A D We welcome You, Emma - nu - el! Verse 2: Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Father for ever, the Prince of Peace: There'll be no end to Your rule of justice, For it shall increase. Light of Your face, come to pierce our darkness; Joy of Your heart come to chase our gloom; Star of the morning, a new day dawning, Make our hearts Your home. Verse 3: Quietly He came as a helpless baby - One day in power He will come again; Swift through the skies He will burst with splendour On the earth to reign. Jesus, I bow at Your manger lowly: Now in my life let Your will be done; Live in my flesh by Your Spirit holy Till Your kingdom comes.


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