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Pause (God You Are Great) Chords

Sheldon Bangera

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Intro: D Verse 1: D D/F# Gsus2 Pause for a moment, take a deep breath and look, D/F# Gsus2 Consider what the Lord has done for us. D D/F# Gsus2 Sing with the angels who sing eternally, D/F# Gsus2 And raise the loudest shout you ever could. Pre-Chorus: Asus4 God has come to deliver, Bm7 Gsus2 He has come to save; Asus4 Out of His great love for us, D/F# Gsus2 This salvation came! Chorus: D Gsus2 D God, You are great and glorious! Gsus2 D Lord, You amaze, so marvelous! Gsus2 D Lofty, so high, yet dwelling among us, Em7add11 Asus4 And God we want to sing for You always. Verse 2: D D/F# Gsus2 Love was awaited in all of history, D/F# Gsus2 And everybody feared a wrathful God; D D/F# Gsus2 For generations, we've tried to appease God, D/F# Gsus2 When nothing worked, then His own Son He sent. [Pre-Chorus