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Praise To You Alone Chords

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Original Key: A

Tempo: 126

Bm   A   E   Bm   A   E
Bm   A   E   Bm   A   E 

{Verse 1}
          Bm          A        E   
When the darkest hour fell on earth
         Bm                  A                E   
You were bruised and broken, dragged through dirt
     Bm            A         E   
Only silence from the Living Word

   A/C#   D   E             F#m
Oh Jesus,     Saviour of my soul
   A/C#   D   E              F#m
Oh Jesus,     praise to You alone

Bm   A   E   Bm   A   E

{Verse 2}
       Bm                   A      E   
When a thousand shouts rose to condemn
          Bm              A       E   
And they cried out, 'Crucify that man'
       Bm                A      E   
And my heart can hardly take it in

Repeat Chorus [x2]

{Bridge 1}
      A/C#       D       E             F#m
Then through the dark, a blazing brightness
    A/C#   D     E            F#m
The Son of God emerged victorious
    A/C#   D        E           F#m
And ev'ry curse was laid in pieces
   A/C#   D      E            F#m
As He   arose, became our healing

Repeat Chorus [x2]

{Bridge 2}
  A/C#       D     E      F#m
Enthroned on ev'ry hallelujah
     A/C#     D           E         F#m
With scars of grace, with eyes of fire
   A/C#       D         E            F#m
He holds the stars, the First and Final
    A/C#        D       E        F#m
Our Christ, the King of love eternal

Repeat Chorus [x2]

Bm   A   E   Bm   A   E
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