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The King Is Coming Chords

Gaither Vocal Band

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 70

{Verse 1} G The market place is empty C A No more traffic in the streets D7 All the builders' tools are silent G C/G G No more time to harvest wheat D7 G G7 Busy housewives cease their labors C A7 In the courtroom no debate D7 Work on earth is all suspended G C/G G As the King comes thru the gate {Chorus} D7 G G/B O the King is coming C A7/C# The King is coming D7 D7/C I just heard the trumpets sounding G/B Gm/Bb Am9 And now His face I see D G G7/F O the King is coming C/E Am7 The King is coming D7 G C/G G Praise God, He's coming for me {Verse 2} G Happy faces line the hallways C A Those whose lives have been redeemed D7 Broken homes that He has mended G C/G G Those from prison He has freed D7 G G7 Little children and the aged C A7 Hand in hand stand all aglow D7 Who were crippled, broken, ruined G C/G G Clad in garments white as snow [Repeat Chorus] {Verse 3} G I can hear the chariots rumble C A I can see the marching throng D7 The flurry of God's trumpets G C/G G Spells the end of sin and wrong D7 G G7 Regal robes are now unfolding C A7 Heaven's grandstands all in place D7 Heaven's choir is now assembled G C/G G Start to sing Amazing Grace [Repeat Chorus]