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Lovingkindness Sheet Music

Keith and Kristyn Getty, Matt Redman, Matt Boswell & Matt Papa

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Original Key: F

Tempo: 120

/tmp/ page 1 = 120     F Intro C Dm F F C/F 4 4 4 4 1a. Let prais es now a car ried us in lift us with a lead us through the Dm/F C/F Dm/F C/F Verse F 1 2 wake the dawn, we’ll greet Your mer cy with a song. Your faith ful ness, up on the paths of right eous ness. Our Fa ther’s hand. You shel ter us with Your com mands. What sha dows deep, Where doubts trace ev ’ry step, it seems. But B♭2 F/A C peo ple stand and sing for all Your lov ing kind ness. gra cious King You’ve crowned us with Your lov ing kind ness. heart could ful ly com pre hend Your mer cies end less? as the dark ness breaks, we’ll see the morn ing pro mise. Dm B♭ C Dm (Top v.2) B♭2 C

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