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Runaway Sheet Music

Martin Smith, Gabriel Wilson, Jonathan Bird, Stephen Evans, Reuben Harsant, Aaron Knott | average from reviews

Original Key: Cm

Tempo: 128

/tmp/ page 1 = 128     Intro (Drums) Cpower Fm/C Cpower C4 4 4 4 4 Cm/E♭ A♭/E♭ Cm/E♭ Cm4/E♭ Am7♭5 A♭/A 1. On Am7♭5 F/A A♭maj7 A♭ A♭maj7 Fm/A♭ Verse ly You can speak my name and call me from the dark est place; Cm E♭ You will ne ver give me up, e ven when F/A I show my back. I know You'll ne ver lay Your head A♭ Cm

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Bible References

  • - Isaiah 43:1
  • - John 10:2
  • - Philippians 3:12
  • - Song of Solomon 2:6
  • - Song of Solomon 8:3

2019 exclusively published by Gloworks Publishing Limited/Better Be Good Music/David Platz Music Inc. c/o Bucks Music Group Limited (PRS), Aaron Knott, Gabriel Wilson

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