The Only Post On The EU Referendum You’ll Find On This Site

Posted by Craig Borlase on 22 June 2016

A day to go and you’re still not clear? Join the club. Or what if your mind’s been made up for months… have you got room for some last minute wondering? Wherever your head’s at, here a few links and quotes that we’re finding helpful right now…

A Thought…
However you decide to vote on 23 June, please don't make your decision about the EU referendum on economic grounds alone: "will I be better off if we leave or remain?" To do so is to 'buy into' the spirit of our age which puts economic self-interest above all other considerations. That is a travesty of the gospel of grace and the primary ethics of the kingdom: love for God and love for our neighbour.
Jim Memory, writing a solid, balanced article on the EA site

A Prayer…
"We pray that God may give wisdom to all those eligible to vote in the referendum and to those who govern us, as they respond to the outcome.
We thank God for the historic and present influence of the gospel, and the freedoms that it has brought.
We pray that, whatever the outcome of the referendum, God might preserve the freedom to proclaim the gospel, to live according to his ways, to demonstrate his love and to serve others.
So at this time of national debate and decision, we continue to pray, as our Saviour Jesus Christ taught us, that our Father's will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”
Prayer jointly released by CARE, Christian Concern, The Christian Institute, the Christian Medical Fellowship, the Jubilee Centre, The Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics and The Lawyers' Christian Fellowship

A Whole Bunch Of Questions…
Question: What impact would Brexit have on the overarching goal of maintaining peace in Europe through cooperation, solidarity and interdependence? How well could Britain do that from outside the EU? Alternatively, will remaining in the EU draw us down a path towards an increasingly unaccountable European superstate?

Question: Are the Brexiteers right to see the EU as being beyond redemption? And how much are the Remain supporters swayed by an unrealistic optimism about what the EU can achieve? Is a Brexit more likely to lead to positive reform of the EU or less?

Question: Are we thinking about this in terms of narrow self-interest, or are we making the decision to remain or leave relationally? Are we concerned about how we benefit other nations, or only about what we get out of our EU membership?

Question: Over the last couple of decades, have the Eurosceptics been right to put their skills and energies into leaving the EU, rather than contributing to solving its problems? Or is it the remain camp who are unable to recognise that the dysfunctions in the relationship between Britain and the EU have brought us to the point of no return?

Question: Is our calling to bless and serve the nations more likely to happen by pulling away from the EU or by remaining inside? And what difference would it make to the church and the spread of the gospel if Britain were to leave the EU?
Questions taken from a good piece from Jonathan Tame published on the Jubilee Centre site

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