We do our best to make WeAreWorship easy and enjoyable to use. However, now and then you may find something which you don't quite understand or that doesn't seem to work correctly. This page has answers to the most common questions we get asked.

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Please check your junk / spam folders for the email. Spam filters are useful but they do occasionally block or move genuine messages, especially if it's from an address that isn’t in your contacts or it's the first email you have received from us. You might find it helps to add no-reply@weareworship.com to your address book.

If you continue to have problems please contact us using the website feedback form or the contact link in the footer of every page.

If you need to reset your password visit: https://www.weareworship.com/Security/lostpassword

You’ll need to know your registered email address. We’ll send you an email with a link to reset your password.

This is something we take seriously. We secure our site to protect your privacy and payment details . You should see a green padlock in your browsers address bar which shows that your computer is connected to our site using a secure connection. We use the latest in payment processing technology and our site is fully PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. Your card details are stored in a secure, encrypted form and your card number is completely private, not even our staff can see it.

With hundreds of denominations in the world, it's just not practical for us to list them all. The denomination option is just to help us get an idea of who is using the site. Your denomination listing won’t affect your experience on our site. We do occasionally add to this list and you can update your details by logging in and clicking “Your Account” on the top right of any page.

The county / state / province information helps us to know who is using the site and to provide you with information about weareworship conferences and other events that might happen near where you live. We try and keep our lists as up to date as possible, but with a lot of different countries in the world it’s not always possible for us to include all changes that occur. If we are missing your county / state / province isn’t listed you can let us know by email or completing our feedback form. However, your county / state / province choice doesn’t affect any of the content you see on the site and it’s not used for credit card security checks so, if you want to join right away you can just choose the one nearest to you from the list and update it later.

The state / county / province drop down should update after a second or two if you change the  country option. For a lot of countries we don’t require a state / province so, if there is nothing in the drop down for your country, you can just leave that field.

Log in and click “Your Account” on the top right of any page. On the account page click the “Your Downloads” tab. You can download free chord sheets an unlimited number of times. You can download other PDFs (sheet music, etc) which you have paid for up to a maximum of 3 times.

In addition, if you are logged in, you’ll see special links under the “purchase” section in the song library telling you that you can download a PDF again for free if you have purchased it previously and have not yet downloaded the file.

You must log in to We Are Worship – which is free of charge and once you are logged in, the free downloads are as simple as clicking and getting!

Yes – all the benefits of membership of WeAreWorship is free of charge. We currently only charge you for sheet music you purchase.

For information on CCLI licenses, to enable you and your church to benefit from additional resources as well as being legally compliant with copyright law, visit: www.ccli.co.uk

Our team at We Are Worship are working constantly to develop this area. As and when new translations become available, we will devise a way in our search function for you to be able to search for songs in a specific language. You can help us by emailing us - use the contact link in the footer of any page – and please tell us the language you would require.

We are working on a new transpose module to go live in 2016. Watch this space!

We are always grateful that you would consider sending a song to us, however we currently partner with signed songwriters and publishers. We are looking to create a page for 'unsigned' songs in our next development phase.

Sorry but we are unable to pass on people’s direct contact details. We suggest you utilize other methods such as the writer or artists website, Facebook or DM them on a Twitter message. If all this fails, then you can always approach their song publisher directly.

Hey – sorry that you got an error on the newsletter. If you go directly to weareworship.com you’ll find a link to all the free songs on the left hand side of the page.

Try putting in the song without any apostrophe ‘s’. We are also adding a browser function in to the site so that you can search for all songs by first line or title.

Not all the songs on Songs of Fellowship can be put on the weareworship site due to copyright restrictions, however, we are working on our Search function so that you could find a song that is in Songs of Fellowship if we have it available.

Unfortunately Apple prevent MP3s from being downloaded using Safari on the iPhone and iPad. This is a restriction which Apple have imposed as they would prefer users to purchase and sync MP3s via the iTunes store. At the present time there is sadly nothing we can do about this.

We recommend that you download the MP3 on your PC or Mac and add it to your iTunes library. You should then be able to sync it to your iPad or iPhone to enjoy on the move.

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