We do our best to make our site easy and enjoyable to use. However, every now and then you may come across something that you don't understand or that doesn't seem to be working properly for you. We've created this page that will answer the most common questions we're asked.

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Make sure you confirm your email address through the account confirmation email that we send out after you register (check spam if you don’t see it in your inbox). You might find it helpful to add no-reply@weareworship.com to your contacts to prevent any further mail from us landing in your spam folder. If you continue to have problems please contact us using the website feedback form or the contact link in the footer of every page!

If you need to reset your password visit: https://www.weareworship.com/Security/lostpassword. You’ll need to know your registered email address and we’ll send you an email with a link to reset your password. If you don't see the email in your inbox, check your spam folder.

If we are missing your country/state/province, please let us know through our feedback form. However, this information doesn’t affect any of the content you see on our site so you can choose the one nearest to you for now and update it later.

To view all of your downloads you'll need to click on the icon on the top right of the page to view “Your Profile”. At the top of your profile settings, you will find a tab labeled "Downloads" where you can view all of your recent downloads. You are also able to re-download these PDF's up to three times by clicking "Download" on the right hand side of the downloads tab.

You must create an account, confirm the email address associated with the account, and then log in. On the home page of our site, you'll find four graphics which will represent our four chosen free songs and hymn for that week/month. After registering an account with us, you'll also begin receiving an email each week about the free songs of the week and free hymn of the month along with other benefits of being a user on our site!

To obtain a CCLI license, you'll need to register at https://uk.ccli.com/

The option to transpose the charts will be located on the left side of the song's page to the right of where the original key is listed.

Unfortunately, MP3's are not able to be downloaded from an iPhone and/or an iPad. This is a restriction that Apple has set as they would prefer users to purchase and sync MP3's through the iTunes store. We recommend that you download the MP3 on a PC or Mac computer and add it to your iTunes library. You will then be able to sync it to your iPad or iPhone to enjoy on the move!

Each of our selected free songs of the week are available for two weeks, bonus songs are available for one week, and free hymns of the month are available for four weeks.

To sign up for a paid subscription, you can visit our subscriptions page here: https://weareworship.com/uk/subscriptions/

The unused download credits do not roll over each month. However, we offer the first 30 days free for any of our paid subscriptions for you to test out to see if it is something that could benefit you and your church. If you decide that it is not beneficial for you, be sure to cancel the paid subscription before your card is charged after those first 30 days! 

For Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 10 (and earlier) users, the site will give you the best response through using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

To cancel your subscription you'll need to click on the icon on the top right of the page to view “Your Profile”. If you scroll down in your profile, you'll find details of your subscription. From there, you can either change the plan that you are on, or cancel completely. 

Please note: you will lose any remaining credits and other benefits as soon as you cancel your subscription. 

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