Song Library - W

1. Wait

2. Wait For You

3. Wait For You

4. Wait For You

5. Waiting For The Blessing

6. Waiting For The Son

7. Waiting For The Summer

8. Waiting For Your Spirit

9. Waiting Here For You

10. Wake Me Up

11. Wake Up

12. Wake Up

13. Wake Up My Soul

14. Wake Up The World

15. Wake Up To Jesus

16. Wake Up Wake Up O Sleeper

17. Wakey Wakey Up My Soul

18. Walk On

19. Walk On By

20. Walking Round A Farm

21. Walls

22. Warrior

23. Wash Away

24. Wash Me

25. Wash Me And Cleanse Me

26. Wash Me Clean

27. Wash Me Clean

28. Wash Over Me

29. Waste It All

30. Watch out (with rap)

31. Watchman

32. Waterfall

33. Wave Your Hands

34. Waves

35. Waves Of Grace

36. Waves Of Grace

37. Waves Of Love

38. Way For Mercy

39. We Adore You

40. We All Bow Down

41. We Are Alive

42. We Are An Ark

43. We Are An Army

44. We Are Being Built Into A Temple

45. We Are Champions

46. We Are Chosen We Are Redeemed

47. We Are Free

48. We are heirs of God Almighty

49. We Are Here To Praise You

50. We Are In A Battle

51. We Are In God's Army

52. We Are Marching

53. We Are Marching

54. We Are Not Ashamed

55. We Are On Our Way

56. We Are One

57. We Are One

58. We Are One

59. We Are Returning

60. We are righteous

61. We Are Saved

62. We Are The Body Of Christ

63. We Are The Free

64. We are the generation

65. We Are The Hands Of God

66. We Are The Light

67. We Are The People Of God

68. We Are Waiting

69. We Are Warriors

70. We Are Your Inheritance

71. We Are Your People

72. We Are Yours

73. We Are Yours

74. We Are Yours

75. We Ascend Into Your Presence

76. We Ask You O Lord

77. We Behold You

78. We Behold Your Glory

79. We Believe

80. We Believe

81. We Believe

82. We Believe

83. We Believe

84. We Believe (The Apostle's Creed)

85. We Believe In Hebrews 13:8

86. We Belong

87. We bow before the Holy One (Let Your rain fall down)

88. We Bow Down

89. We Bow Down At Your Throne Oh Lord

90. We Cannot Measure How You Heal (Ye Banks And Braes)

91. We Celebrate

92. We Celebrate The Greatness Of Our God

93. We Choose To Trust You

94. We Come To Be With You Today

95. We Come To You

96. We Come To You Jesus

97. We come to Your mountain (Call to worship)

98. We come together with a holy purpose (With one voice)

99. We Confess

100. We Confess

101. We Could Change The World

102. We Crown You (All Hail The Power)

103. We Crown You Now

104. We Cry Holy

105. We Cry Out

106. We Cry Out

107. We Declare That The Kingdom Of God Is Here

108. We Declare There's Only One Lord

109. We Declare Your Majesty

110. We Declare Your Name

111. We Do Not Presume

112. We do not worship (Revelation)

113. We Don't Need Religion

114. We Exalt You

115. We Extol You

116. We Give Thanks

117. We Give Thanks To You

118. We Give Thanks To You O Lord

119. We Give You All The Honour

120. We Give You Praise

121. We Give You Thanks

122. We Give You Thanks

123. We Glorify Your Name

124. We Have Called On You Lord

125. We Have Come To Glorify

126. We Have Come To Seek Your Face

127. We Have Come To Worship

128. We Have Flooded The Altar (Lead Me)

129. We Have Overcome

130. We Have Overcome

131. We Have This Treasure In Jars Of Clay

132. We Humbly Bow

133. We Just Do

134. We Know In All Things

135. We Lift Our Hands

136. We Lift Our Hands

137. We Lift Up Our Heads

138. We Lift You Up

139. We Lift Your Name On High

140. We Look To You Almighty God

141. We Need You How We Need You

142. We Praise Your Name

143. We Pray

144. We Rejoice

145. We Rejoice In The Goodness Of Our God

146. We See Jesus

147. We See Love

148. We See Your Cross

149. We Seek Your Face

150. We Serve A God Of Power

151. We Shall Be As One

152. We Shall See The Glory

153. We Should Love One Another

154. We Should Run

155. We Sing

156. We Sing Worthy

157. We Speak To Nations

158. We Stand As One

159. We Stand Together

160. We Still Believe

161. We thank You God

162. We Three Kings

163. We Turn Our Eyes

164. We Wait

165. We Wanna Change This World

166. We Want To Know You

167. We Want To See Jesus Lifted High

168. We Were Lost And Broken (Sound Of Praise)

169. We Were Made For This

170. We Were Made For You

171. We Wil Go

172. We Will Be A Church (Authentic Church)

173. We Will Believe

174. We Will Crown Him

175. We Will Dance

176. We will give ourselves no rest (Knocking on the door of heaven)

177. We Will Go

178. We Will Hold On

179. We Will Honour You

180. We Will Look To The Horizon (Wonderful)

181. We Will Magnify

182. We Will Not Forget

183. We Will Praise

184. We Will Proclaim

185. We Will Rejoice And Sing

186. We Will Run

187. We Will Sing Together

188. We Will Tear Down Every Stronghold

189. We Will Worship Him

190. We Will Worship You

191. We Win

192. We Wish You A Merry Christmas

193. We Won’t Back Down

194. We Worship And Adore You

195. We Worship You

196. We worship You (This side of heaven)

197. We Worship You This Day

198. We'll Be Set Free

199. We'll Praise Him On The Trumpet

200. We're A City Not Forsaken

201. We're Come To Worship You

202. We're Coming With A New Style

203. We're Following The Star

204. We're Going To Sing Like The Saved (Sing Like The Saved)

205. We're Here To Worship

206. We're On A Mission

207. We're rising up across the world (Glorious bride)

208. We're So Thankful To You

209. We've Been Chosen

210. We've Come To Bless Your Name

211. We've Come To Praise Him

212. We've Come To Praise You

213. We've Come To Worship You

214. We've Entered Into The Glorious Freedom

215. We've had a light shine (Surely the time has come)

216. Welcome Home

217. Welcome In This Place

218. Welcome King Of Kings

219. Welcome Song

220. Welcome To The Place of Level Ground

221. Well I Hear They're Singing (I've Found Jesus)

222. Well If The Church Is Dead

223. Well the joy of the Lord (The joy of the Lord)

224. Well With My Soul

225. Were there words

226. What a beautiful thing (Say it with this song)

227. What A Day

228. What A Faithful God

229. What A Friend

230. What A Friend We Have In Jesus

231. What A Friend We Have In Jesus

232. What A Friend We Have In Jesus

233. What A Love

234. What A Mighty God We Serve Chorale

235. What A Savior

236. What a wonderful day

237. What An Amazing God We've Got (Amazing)

238. What Can I Do

239. What Can I Do (Christmas Version)

240. What Can I Say

241. What Child Is This

242. What Child Is This

243. What Child Is This

244. What Child Is This/Praise Emmanuel

245. What Does The Lord Require Of Me

246. What Grace Is Mine

247. What Greater Gift Has Ever Been Known

248. What I Have Vowed

249. What I Want

250. What if I held in my hands (Glorify)

251. What Is Man

252. What Kind Of Man

253. What Love Is This

254. What Love Is This

255. What More

256. What Noise Shall We Make

257. What Sacred Fountain

258. What Wonder Of Grace

259. What Would I Have Done

260. What You See

261. What You Started

262. What You've Called Me To

263. Whatever Comes

264. Whatever You Want

265. Whatever You Want

266. When A Knight Won His Spurs (Stowey)

267. When All Around Has Fallen

268. When All Around I Feel Despair

269. When all around is broken (Carry me)

270. When All Is Said And Done

271. When All Your Mercies

272. When can I go (Deep calls to deep)

273. When Deep Calls To Deep

274. When Everything's Breaking (We Shall Not Be Shaken)

275. When God Gives Any Man

276. When He Appears

277. When He Comes

278. When I Am Weak

279. When I Come Face To Face

280. When I do something I know is wrong (Chip chip)

281. When I Get Up In The Morning

282. When I Go To Sleep Jesus Doesn't

283. When I Look At The Blood

284. When I Look At The Trees

285. When I Look Into Your Holiness

286. When I Needed A Saviour

287. When I Remember

288. When I see (Shine Your Light)

289. When I Sing My Praise To You (When I Worship You Heaven Comes)

290. When I Speak Your Name

291. When I Survey

292. When I Survey The Wondrous Cross

293. When I survey the wondrous cross

294. When I Survey The Wondrous Cross

295. When I Survey The Wondrous Cross (Hanbury)

296. When I Survey The Wondrous Cross (When I Survey)

297. When I Was Lost (There Is A New Song)

298. When I'm faithless You are faithful (You never change)

299. When I'm Filled With Doubt And Fear

300. When I'm lost (More of You)

301. When I'm Sad (Your Love Never Changes)

302. When It's All Been Said And Done

303. When Jesus Bled (He Rose)

304. When Love Came Down To Earth

305. When Love Crossed Over

306. When My Heart Runs Dry

307. When no one else will walk beside me (Walk beside me Jesus)

308. When The Day Begins

309. When the Spirit of the Lord

310. When The Stars Burn Down (Blessing And Honor)

311. When Trials Come

312. When trouble comes (Hope)

313. When we turn our hearts to heaven (Dreamers of Your dreams)

314. When we were in the darkest night (God of our yesterdays)

315. When You Move

316. When You Said Seek My Face

317. When You Touch Me

318. Where Angels Fear To Tread

319. Where Are You Now

320. Where Can I Go

321. Where Could I Go

322. Where Could We Go

323. Where Is Grace Hiding

324. Where is the love? (All that I want)

325. Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is

326. Where Would I Be

327. Where Would We Be

328. Where You Are

329. Where You Go I Go

330. Where You Lead Me

331. Where You See Bones

332. Whether You're One

333. While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks

334. While Today Is Still Today

335. Whisper His Name

336. White Christmas

337. White Flag

338. Whiter Than Snow

339. Who Am I

340. Who Are You?

341. Who Can Compare

342. Who Can Compare

343. Who Can Describe

344. Who can mend hearts that are broken? (Good news)

345. Who Can Stand Before The Lord

346. Who Compares

347. Who Else Could I Run To

348. Who Is He In Yonder Stall

349. Who Is Jesus

350. Who Is King Over All The Earth

351. Who Is Like Our God

352. Who Is Like The Father

353. Who Is Like The Lord

354. Who Is Like Thee

355. Who Is Like You

356. Who Is Like You

357. Who is on the Lord's side

358. Who is there like the Lord our God (Saviour Eternal)

359. Who Is There Like You

360. Who Is This Love Amazing

361. Who Shall Separate Us

362. Who Teaches You To Profit

363. Who Would Have Dreamed

364. Who You Are

365. Who You Say You Are

366. Whoever Dwells In The Secret Place

367. Whole Again (Come Alive)

368. Whole World In His Hands

369. Wholly Thine

370. Wholly Yours

371. Wholly Yours

372. Wholly Yours

373. Whom Shall I Fear

374. Whom Shall I Fear

375. Whoopah Wahey

376. Why do you wait (Jesus is waiting)

377. Why I Came

378. Why Should You Be Like A Stranger

379. Wide

380. Wide Open Space

381. Wide Open Spaces

382. Wide Open Spaces

383. Wie kan zich meten met U

384. Wilderness Song

385. Wildfire

386. Will Always Sing About The Lord's Love

387. Will Ever Be

388. Will We Ever Rise

389. Will You Love Me In The Winter

390. Will Your Anchor Hold (We Have An Anchor)

391. Wings Like Eagles

392. Wings Of An Eagle

393. Winna Mon

394. With All My Heart

395. With All My Heart

396. With All My Heart

397. With All My Heart

398. With All My Heart

399. With All My Heart

400. With Cupped Hands

401. With Every Little Part Of Me I Cry

402. With every rising sun (The troubles are over)

403. With God's Power Working In Us

404. With His Hands He Made Me

405. With Me

406. With Me Always

407. With My Whole Heart

408. With My Whole Heart

409. With Our Hearts

410. With Rejoicing

411. With The High Praises

412. With You

413. Within Your House

414. Without Love

415. Without You

416. Without You

417. Woman Thou Art Loosed

418. Women Of Faith

419. Wonder

420. Wonder Of The Cross

421. Wonder Of Your Ways

422. Wonder Working God

423. Wonderful

424. Wonderful

425. Wonderful Counsellor

426. Wonderful God

427. Wonderful God

428. Wonderful Grace

429. Wonderful Lord

430. Wonderful Love

431. Wonderful Maker

432. Wonderful One

433. Wonderful Redeemer

434. Wonderful Redeemer

435. Wonderful Saviour

436. Wonderful Saviour

437. Wonders

438. Word Of God

439. Words Of Love

440. Worlds Collide

441. Worship God

442. Worship In The Wilderness

443. Worship No God But Me

444. Worship The Great I Am

445. Worship The King

446. Worship The Lord

447. Worship The Lord

448. Worship the Lord

449. Worship You

450. Worship You Forever

451. Worshiping You

452. Worshippers

453. Worshipping The Living God

454. Worth Is The Lamb

455. Worth It All

456. Worthy

457. Worthy

458. Worthy

459. Worthy

460. Worthy

461. Worthy

462. Worthy Art Thou O Lord

463. Worthy Is The Lamb

464. Worthy Is The Lamb

465. Worthy You Are Worthy

466. Would You come (Crying out)

467. Would You Restore

468. Woven Together (Psalm 139)

469. Wrap Me In Your Arms

470. Wrap Your Arms Around Me

471. Written On Your Hands