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Mercy From The Throne

Sung by Nathan Fellingham

Where there before had been none
You have declared forgiveness
For all the wrongs I have done

So undeserving of this love
Jesus I am Yours forever

Mercy from the throne
Tells me I've been redeemed
Meeting my deepest need
Thank you Lord
Grace that won't let go
Through Jesus sacrifice
I am restored to life
Thank you Lord, thank you Lord

You sent your Holy Spirit
Adopted me as Your child
A Father like no other
Your love not cheap or defiled
With grace so generous and so free
You have won my heart forever

No scheme or plan
Could ever stem the power of Your Hand
You chose me from before time began
And now secure in Christ I stand

Nathan Fellingham & busbee

Written by: Mike Busbee, Nathan Fellingham

Copyright© 2008 Thankyou Music & The Livingstone Collective

CCLI Number: 5230248

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Mercy From The Throne

Nathan Fellingham

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