I Enter In

Written by: Bethan Scanlon

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I Enter In As sung by: Bethan Stevens

Writers: Bethan Scanlon

Original Key: F

  F2          B♭2          
I enter in, before You now
  F2                 Csus  C
I come to You with an open heart
   F2              B♭2
I lift my voice to worship You
I love You Lord and I could 
B♭             C        F2      B♭/F   B♭2
Stay in Your presence forever        (2nd time)

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I ENTER IN before You now,
I come to You with an open heart.
I lift my voice to worship You,
I love You, Lord,
And I could stay in Your presence forever.

Lord God, I come before You
With my sacrifice of praise.
I am humbled in Your presence,
Jesus, Name above all names.

Bethan Stevens (Abundant Life Ministries, Bradford, England)

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