Written by: Doug Horley, Mark Read, Lindsay West

© 2007 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 5139576

YO KIDS, YO PARENTS and all the people at the back
Let me see ya hands up, let me see ya stick 'em up
And ev'rybody do the clap clap
It's here it's now
Yes we're gonna show how
From the front to back
Let me see ya hands up
And ev'rybody do the clap, clap

Go, go, go, go, go, go clap clap

I am flabbergasted
Been blasted
By your love Lord
By your love, love, love

When life is just a big kerffufel
I'm in a heap of trouble
My head is spinning round and round
My world has gone all oops -a-daisy
Just feels completely crazy
I know that you are there for me

When my plans have all derailed
You're someone who never fails
Pick me up and start me over

Life has knocked me to the ground
Will I smile or will I frown?
Oh, oh, oh

Stomp your feet
Clap your hands
Roll them hips
Ev'rybody scream!

Ladies - ow ow
Fellas; - huh!

Doug Horley, Mark Read & Lindz West

© 2007 Thankyou Music