The Love Of Love's Word

Written by: Godfrey Birtill, Jack Groblewski

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THE LOVE OF LOVE'S WORD, this l to my feet,
This light to my path, Holy Spirit breathed
The love of Love's word, it's tried and it's clean,
Reviving the soul, it's the Word I need.

The Word of God can not be imprisoned!
The Word of God is active and living
Light to my path, l to my feet.
When I read Love's word it reads me.

The love of Love's Word, a hammer a fire,
It's upright and true and it's God inspired.
The love of Love's Word, it's sharp, to the point.
It cuts and it heals, never comes back void.

The grass withers and the flowers fade,
But the Word of the Lord stands forever.
The earth trembles and the mountains shake,
But the Word of the Lord stands forever.

Godfrey Birtill & Jack Groblewski

Copyright © 2007 Thankyou Music