The Greatest Day

Written by: Evan Rogers

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THE GREATEST DAY in all of life
Is not right now but years gone by,
When Jesus came into the world.
Our lives were bought at a great price
When You became our sacrifice,
And bore God's wrath for our offense.

And when I see the cruel cross,
I contemplate how much it cost
The Holy One to suffer for me.
The Lamb of God, the Innocent,
You bore my guilt and punishment:
My ransom's paid, and I'm forgiven.

Now by Your blood You've overcome,
The victory over sin is won;
So tell me, death, where is your sting?
A greater day is drawing near,
When on the clouds You will appear,
To fetch Your bride and take her home.

So when I see the open tomb,
I realize I'm raised with You,
Forever now seated in heaven.
Before Your throne for endless days
We'll worship You and sing Your praise,
And cast our crowns down at Your feet.

Evan Rogers 

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