To You King Jesus

Written by: Nathan Fellingham

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To You King Jesus As sung by: Nathan Fellingham

Original Key: G

E(no3rd)      Cmaj7   D      E(no3rd)      Cmaj7   D
Verse 1:
E(no3rd)                Cmaj7    D
   To You King Jesus we sing our song
E(no3rd)                       Cmaj7  D
   The first and the last, the living One
Am                Em                 D/F♯
   With eyes like fire and feet like bronze
                  G                Am

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TO YOU, KING JESUS, we sing our song
The First and the Last, the Living One
With eyes like fire and feet like bronze
Your face shines brighter than the sun
All creation speaks Your name

Jesus, Son of God
You stand in all authority
And at Your name darkness flees
Oh Jesus living Word
Reigning at the Father's right hand
And You're clothed with majesty and power

To You, King Jesus, we give our hearts
For You have come to us with Your great love
You suffered death, went to the grave
But now You're crowned with glory
All Your people speak Your name

And we now stand at Your side
A people chosen as Your bride
You've filled us with the Spirit's power
This is the hour
So in Your strength I'll run this race
Covered by Your daily grace
Pressing on to win the prize
Til the day that You return
And every tribe and every tongue will sing

Nathan Fellingham
Copyright © 2002 Thankyou Music

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