He Is Holy Holy Holy

Written by: Ken Riley

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He Is Holy Holy Holy As sung by: Ken Riley

Writers: Ken Riley

Original Key: D

Intro x 2:
Bm   D   G   Asus4 A
      Bm              D            G                 Asus4    A
He is holy, holy, holy, my Lord is holy, holy, holy, Je   -   sus
     Bm                 D             G                      Asus4    A
Give glory, glory, glory  to the Son, glory, glory, glory to Je   -   sus
Verse 1:
            Bm                       D

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My Lord is holy, holy, holy, Jesus
Give glory, glory, glory, to the Son
Glory, glory, glory to Jesus!

We’re gonna give Him praise
And His name we’ll raise
As we celebrate with Jesus
Let our voices sing
To the King of kings
Who was and is to come

He’s the Prince of Peace
And He will release
All the chains that keep you down
He’s the Son of man
He’s the Great I Am
He’s the mighty Lamb of heaven!

He’s the God of grace,
And if we seek His face
He’ll demonstrate His power.
On the final day
Unto the bride He’ll say:
“At My side you’ll stay forever and ever”

Ken Riley

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