Christ In Me

Written by: Lou Fellingham, Nathan Fellingham, Edward Mote, Gary Sadler

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Christ In Me As sung by: Lou Fellingham

Original Key: G

Verse 1:
Em                        G
Jesus, You're the hope I cling to,
Tower that I run to,
               Am7    Am6
Saviour, ever near.
Em                       G
Radiant, light within my darkness,
Faithful in my weakness,

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Tower that I run to
Savior, ever near
Radiant, light within my darkness
Faithful in my weakness
God who strengthens me
Lead me, take me ever deeper
Show me all the riches of this mystery

Christ in me
My hope and my glory
My certainty
My heart bows down
Surrendered in worship
To my God and King

Jesus, You’re the holy promise
Poured Your blood out for us
Rose again to life
All my sins are now forgiven
And my life is hidden
Saved through Jesus Christ
Jesus when I stand in glory
With Your throne before me
I’ll be found in You

My hope is built
On nothing less
Than Jesus blood and righteousness
I dare not trust my feeble frame
But wholly lean on Jesus’ name

Mid section words: Edward Mote (1797 - 1874)
Lou & Nathan Fellingham and Gary Sadler

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