Found In You

Written by: Beth Croft, Tim Hughes

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Original Key: D

               G          D
    You're the air that I breathe,
               G           D    A
    You're the song that I sing,
            G              D   A
    You are everything I need,
                 G  D             A   G   D  A  
    Jesus, You are  all that I need.
          G    D   A
[1. only ]
G2                        A
    I've searched this world,
                      G2                A
For something that endures beyond this life;
G2              A
    But only You,
                         G2           A
Whose days will never cease, can satisfy.
    G        Bm   D         Em
I'm found in You, only in You.
Verse 2:
G2            A
    Now to live
                  G2                 A
A simple life of praise, in every way.
G2                A
     I'm letting go
                     G2                       A
Of treasures on the earth, I'm holding on to You.
Coda 1:
G          Bm              D          A
My soul sings, hallelujah, Saviour King.
    G      Bm                          D
For I was lost, and now I'm found in You,
                     Asus4    A          Em
I am found in You.[1.      Repeat] [2.]
    Coda 2:
                G  D            A
    Jesus, You are all that I need.
                G  D            A
    Jesus, You are all that I need.

You're the song that I sing
You are everything I need
Jesus You are all that I need

I've searched this world
For something that endures
Beyond this life
But only You, whose days will never cease
Can satisfy

I'm found in You, only in You

Now to live a simple life of praise
In every way
I’m letting go of treasures on the earth
I’m holding on to You

My soul sings hallelujah
Savior King
For I was lost
Now I'm found in You
I am found in You

Beth Croft & Tim Hughes 

Copyright © 2010 Thankyou Music

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