You Rescued Us

Written by: Matt Redman, Stuart Townend

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You Rescued Us As sung by: Stuart Townend

Original Key: A

Verse 1:
A             D2/A
Heaven's light breaking through,
F♯m7                E
Turning night to day,
It's a new beginning.
A             D2/A
Love has come, hope has dawned,
F♯m7              E
Driving fears away, [Repeat]

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Breaking through,
Turning night to day,
It's a new beginning.
Love has come,
Hope has dawned,
Driving fears away,
It's a new beginning.

Your mercy reached into the darkest night to find us,
Your blood has freed us from the curse of sin that bound us,
Your truth delivered us from all the lies that held us down
When we were overwhelmed....

Oh, out of the darkness You rescued us,
You have rescued us,
Oh, into the light of Your love for us,
Lord, You rescued us.

Here we stand,
Held by grace,
Knowing every day
Is a new beginning.
All we need
Found in You,
Love has made a way,   
It's a new beginning.

No sorrow deep enough to crush the hope within us,
No mountain big enough to block the path before us,
No power strong enough to take us from Your mighty hand,   
For You have overcome.

Stuart Townend & Matt Redman 

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© 2011 Thankyou Music & Said and Done