Father Like No Other

Written by: Simon Brading, Jules Burt, Sam Cox

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Father, will You turn away, will You abandon me
Will You let me go or let me down
Will You forget, will You reject, will You walk out on me
Will You open up Your arms, accept me as I am

When I see Your only Son rejected on a cross
Crying ‘Why have You forsaken me'
I begin to understand that You abandoned Him
All to bring me back to You for all eternity

You're a Father like no other
And Your love goes on whatever
You're a Father like no other
And I know I'm Yours forever

Father You will never change, You won't abandon me
You never let me go or let me down
You won't forget, You won't reject, You know my every need
You have given everything and I'll forever sing

I run into Your arms, run into Your arms
I'm running to You

Sam Cox, Simon Brading & Jules Burt
Copyright © 2011 Thankyou Music

Copyright © 2011 Thankyou Music.