There Will Be A Day

Written by: Nick Law, Gareth Robinson

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There will be a day when death shall be no more
When sickness, sin and Satan no longer will endure
And on that glorious day, when Jesus is revealed
He'll gather to himself those who put their trust in Him
And he shall lead them home into the radiant light
Where God himself shall wipe the tears from their eyes
And we shall live in peace, and we shall be as one
Worshiping the Father, the Spirit and the Son

There shall be a roar from heaven's company
With shouts of ‘Hallelujah!' ‘Salvation!' and ‘Glory!'
For evil is nor more, the victory is won
Injustice has been ended, the age of peace begun
Then all the saints will rise to full eternal life
Forgiven by the blood, forever purified
For now we're being prepared, transformed into the bride
Ready for the Father, the Spirit and the Christ

So we persevere, and we will run this race
We'll fix our eyes on Jesus, the author of our faith
Forever holding strong when troubles come our way
His great eternal glory awaits us on that day
So through the trials we'll walk and hold onto the word
The promises of God: the new heaven and earth
And this will be our hope, and this will be our song
Glory to the Father, the Spirit and the Son

Nick Law & Gareth Robinson

Copyright © 2009 Thankyou Music