We Wil Go

Written by: Stuart Townend

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There's a call to the people of Zion
To arise and possess the land
Every town has its heirs to the promise
Every nation its sons of light
We have stayed long enough on this mountain
Now we're called to new realms of faith
We are more than a temple of worship
We're an army of praise

We will go to every place
Sharing mercy and preaching grace
For the fields are white for harvest
And laborers are few
No place too dark, no soul too lost
For the power of the cross
For His light will shine in darkness
And many will believe
So we will go

We have drunk of the wine of His presence
We have feasted upon His word
Now we're hungry for works of power
Now we're thirsty to share His love
He will give us the ground that we walk on
For the battle belongs to God
Do not fear, for His grace is sufficient
When we're weak, He is strong

Stuart Townend

Copyright © 2001 Thankyou Music

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