Awake Awake O Church

Written by: Matt Redman

© 1999 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 1595616

Awake, awake, O church, come clothe yourself with strength
Put on your robes of splendor and of joy again
Shake off the dust that clings, rise up and sit enthroned
And free yourself from chains that keep on hindering

And as for me, I'm taking off my shoes
This is holy ground I'm standing on
I'm kicking off my shoes, for this will be the ground I dance upon

Isn't it time to celebrate? Sing those songs, sing those songs
Isn't it time to shout them out? Shout them loud, shout them loud
I'm shaking off the dust, I'm kicking of my shoes
I'm giving all I have to worship You
The fire in my heart is burning through the chains
It's time to praise like we've never praised

Well look to what's ahead, forget what is behind
Press on towards the goal that we might win the prize
We'll persevere in faith, abandoned to Your praise
Fill every note with passion as our voices rise

Matt Redman

© 1999 Thankyou Music