Only A God Like You

Written by: Tommy Walker

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For the praises of man
I will never ever stand
For the kingdoms of this world
I'll never give my heart away
Or shout my praise
My allegiance and devotion
My heart's desire and all emotion
Go to serve the Man
Who died upon that tree

Only a God like You
Could be worthy of my praise
And all my hope and faith
To only a King of all kings
Do I bow my knee and sing
Give my everything

To only my Maker
My Father my Savior
Redeemer Restorer
Rebuilder Rewarder
To only a God like You
Do I give my praise

Only the God Who left
His throne above
He came to live with us
Came to be one of us
To only the One
Who stopped to heal
That blind man
Took the time to save
That one lost lamb
To only the King Who wore
That crown of thorns
So I could wear the crown of life
And to only the One Who conquered sin and death
So we could be set free
So we could stand here and sing

Only a God like You
Only a God like You
Only a God like You

Tommy Walker
©2000 Integrity's Praise! Music
CCLI # 3185395

Copyright © 2000 Integrity's Praise! Music.

Writers: Tommy Walker

Themes: Modern Hymns, Kingship