God In Flesh And Blood

Written by: Jennie Lee Riddle, Travis Ryan, Brandon Collins

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From heaven You came down
You left Your throne and bowed
Humble sovereignty
Laid at the Father's feet
Earth recognized Your cry
As worship filled the night
Son of God has come
Love now here with us

Glory to God in the highest
Peace to the weary world
Blessed is He who has come to save us
God in flesh and blood

Your hands and feet were bound
Thorns became Your crown
The love that molded us
Was nailed upon the cross
Every drop of grace
Was spilled out on that day
You were lifted high
O God the crucified

Resurrection life
You gave up Your Spirit to give it to Your bride
Resurrection life
You gave up Your Spirit to come and live inside us

Copyright © 2012 Integrity's Praise! Music, Integrity Worship Music, Travis Ryan Music, New Hope Road Music

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