Grace Unmeasured

Written by: Bob Kauflin

© 2005 Sovereign Grace Praise | CCLI: 4662862

Grace Unmeasured As sung by: Sovereign Grace Music

Writers: Bob Kauflin

Original Key: D

D     Dsus4    D     Dsus4
Verse 1:
D                 Dsus4
Grace unmeasured, vast and free,
     D             A   Bm
That knew me from eternity,
      D               G
That called me out before my birth,
    Bm        Em   A        G   Gmaj7

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Grace (grace grace)
Paid for my sins and brought me to life
Grace (grace grace)
Clothes me with pow'r to do what is right
Grace (grace grace)
Leads me to heav'n where I'll see Your face
And never cease to thank You for Your grace

Grace unmeasured vast and free
That knew me from eternity
That called me out before my birth
To bring You glory on this earth
Grace amazing pure and deep
That saw me in my misery
That took my curse and owned my blame
So I could bear Your righteous name

Grace abounding strong and true
That makes me long to be like You
That turns me from my selfish pride
To love the cross on which You died
Grace unending all my days
You'll give me strength to run this race
And when my years on earth are through
The praise will all belong to You


Bob Kauflin

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© 2005 Sovereign Grace Praise