You're Already There

Written by: Craig Dunnagan, Don Poythress, Tony Wood

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Every morning you meet me with mercy

Waiting for me to draw near

And every evening your light still surrounds me

So whatever I face, why should I fear


Wherever I go

You're already there

You are my hope and the answer to my prayers

If I'm standing on a mountain

Or walking through despair

Wherever I go

You're already there


When the road leads to shadows and sorrow

And can’t see You like I once could

I know that I will still find on this journey

Whatever’s ahead, You’ll be faithful and good


Where could I run from your presence

I won't even try

Even when I take my last breath

And close my eyes


Don Poythress, Craig Dunnagan, Tony Wood

Copyright © 2014 Integrity Worship Music/Eight Oaks Music, Integrity's Praise! Music, Tony Wood Publishing Deisngee

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