Written by: Dominik Laim, Debora Sita

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 136.00

Verse 1:
Am            F             C   G
Love conquers all, so they say.
    Am             F        C           G
But what kind of love would die in my place?
    Am         F             C      G
The untainted One, grace divine,
      Am         F     C          G
would lower Himself to carry my blame.
    F             C
And we were on collision course;
   F                       Am   G
my fate now sealed; I'm forever Yours!
    F                           C
You gave Your life; the perfect sacrifice,
           F             G
for in the moment You died
        F            G
You let heaven and earth collide.
     Am   F   C   G   Am   F   C   G
                                     [to Verse]
     F    C   Am  G   F    C   Am  G
                                 [to Mid section] 
Mid section:
F       C
Draw me to Your love.
Am              G
All my pride surrendered,
F     C
every fear dissolves,
Am               G
standing in Your presence.
F        C
Arms are open wide,
Am          G
I am gladly falling,
F          C
hearts are intertwined.
Am       G       F
You and I, (colliding.)
F   C   Am   G   F   C   Am   G  
F   C   Am   G   F   C   Am   G  

Love conquers all
So they say
But what kind of love
Would die in my place

The untainted one
Grace divine
Would lower Himself
To carry my blame

We were on collision course
My fate now sealed
I’m forever Yours
You gave Your life
The perfect sacrifice
For in the moment You died
You let heaven and earth collide

Draw me to Your love
All my pride surrendered
Every fear dissolves
Standing in Your presence
Arms are open wide
I am gladly falling
Hearts are intertwined
You and I - colliding

Debora Sita & Dominik Laim

Copyright © 2013 Integrity's Praise Music! & ICF Music

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