Let The Name of Jesus Reign

Written by: David Binion, Joshua Dufrene, Colin Edge

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You are great
And greatly to be praised
You are great
And greatly to be praised
Let Your name be lifted in this place
Let the name of Jesus Reign

To the High Exalted One
God the Father's only Son
To the name above all names
Worthy of our highest praise

At Your name every knee will bow
Every tongue will sing it out
Lord of Heaven, Lord of earth
Endless praises You deserve

Jesus reign, reign in our hearts
Reign in our souls, You and You alone
Jesus reign over this place
With power and grace
Let Your kingdom come

Demons tremble, darkness flees
No more sickness and disease
We have broken every chain
By the power of Your name

Colin Edge, Joshua Dufrene, David Binion

Copyright © 2014 2014 Integrity's Praise! Music/Covenant Worship & Integrity Worship Music/Covenant Worship Group

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