Praise You

Written by: Martyn Layzell

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Praise You As sung by: Martyn Layzell

Writers: Martyn Layzell

Original Key: G

Verse 1:
You gave Your only son
Came down from heaven above
Em7                           C2
Endured the cross so I might know
This love that reached for me
A love that sets me free

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Came down from heaven above,
Endured the cross, so I might know
This love that reached for me,
A love that sets me free,
Your sacrifice has saved my soul.

Today I'm reminded of Your grace;
Always living now to sing Your praise,
Your praise.

Praise You, Jesus, I praise You,
I lift my hands and sing.
Embrace You, I will embrace You,
My Savior and my King, my King.

I could not earn this love,
Such undeserved love;
Jesus, I know You are the way.
You paid the price for me,
Your blood was shed for me,
And in Your mercy took my place.

Martyn Layzell

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