You Came To Us

Written by: JK Jamieson, Kate Simmonds

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You came to us, the Word of God,
To be one of us, You who made the world;
To declare that 'the kingdom
And a new day of freedom
Are here now among you!'

You died for us upon the cross,
One true sacrifice to pay for all our sins.
As our perfect Redeemer
And our High Priest forever
We come now before You.

Jesus, living Word,
Jesus, Lamb of God who came to die.
Jesus, Risen One,
Jesus, conquering Son who reigns on high.

You reign over us, victorious
Now in majesty, seated on the throne;
Bringing all things together
As our great King forever,
We bow down before You.

You intercede at the Father's side
To bring all Your chosen ones home,
That we might run well and then gain the
Awaiting the day when You come!

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