Welcome Home

Written by: Ron Kenoly

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The road was straight and narrow
Leading to my father's house
The gates were open wide
Awaiting my return
Near them stood my father
With his arms stretched out to me
With tears on his face
I heard him say welcome home
I've missed you so much
My heart has been broken
Since the day you went away
Welcome home
I'll prepare a celebration
Come take your place beside me
You've been gone so long
Welcome home

His hand was on my shoulders
As we walked up to the house
Mom peeped out the front door
And then came running out
She threw her arms around me and Squeezed me like only Mom can
And then kissed me on my cheek
And with my face
Held in her hands
She said "Welcome home"
How I longed for this moment
I've prayed for you each night since the day you went away
Welcome home
I'll prepare a place for you
My prayers have been answered
Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus
Welcome home

Oh how good it felt
To be in my father's house
After all the pain and heartache
I had put him through
And to know that I'm forgiven
And my past has been forgotten
And to hear my family say
"We still love you"
Oh, welcome home
Oh how sweet the sound
Those simple words
"We love you"
Still echo in my heart
Welcome home
No more will I take
This place for granted
It's so good to be loved and wanted
After you've done wrong
And still be welcomed home
Welcome home


Copyright © 1996 Integrity's Hosanna! Music