Let God Arise

Written by: Dave Middleton

© 1989 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 1054456

Blown away like smoke in the wind.
Let those that hate Him, flee before Him.
Blown away and scattered by the wind.
Who can stand before Him?
Who can come against Him?
Who can resist Him in His power?
They can summon the powers of Egypt.
And all the strength of Babylon.
But the Lord who sits enthroned He laughs at them.

And sets the captives free (x 3)

Let God arise, He's coming now in power.
He casts up a highway like a storm.
Let those that love Him, fall before Him.
His way is in the thunder and the storm.
He rides through the heavens,
He rides the mighty Cherubim.
From Sinai into the holy place.
He has summoned the hosts of heaven
And with the fire of chariots
He enters now in awe and shows His face.

And sets the captives free (x 3)

Dave Middleton

© 1989 Thankyou Music