The Best In Life

Written by: Helena Barrington

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The best in life is waiting
The best in life is waiting
The best in life is waiting
Just for you

You've had some questions
About today's realities
So many feelings
Different feelings
About tomorrow's uncertainties
These same questions
Have been answered for me
And I am resting in the promise
Of what my eyes
Have yet to see
If you believe in His goodness
Believe in His love

Wouldn't you like to know
What the future has in store
What God has chosen for you
Behind tomorrow's door
Can you imagine
All His promises to you
No more reactions no retractions
Everything He said is true

Keep on doing the things He told you
Believing the things He said
You won't walk in darkness
And you'll never be afraid
Hold on to the promises
That the Lord has given you

Copyright © 1992 Integrity's Praise! Music