Love Song

Written by: Lee Black, Annette Oden

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If I listen I believe that I'm gonna hear You speak
In the stillness of the moment
Lord You're calling me
Drawing me to follow and as I do
My life will be my song to You

All my life long I'll sing a love song
A hallelujah praise You Jesus
Sing You're worthy shout Your glory
Tell Your story till the whole world sings along
Lord I'll sing I'll sing a love song

Everybody's got their own way
That they can give You praise
A special gift to offer so they can say
In everything I am Lord and all I do
From heart to heart from me to You

I'll paint it
I'll dance it
I'll shout and sing I'll sing a love song

I'll jump it
I'll spin it
I'll wave and sing I'll sing a love song

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