You Are Mystical

Written by: Brian Houston

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You take Your rest, but never sleep.
You watch me like a mother does,
Every scar and every tear and fall.
You suffer long, but Your patience waits,
Your judgmentalways hesitates.
Your anger stays a moment,
Yet Your favor lasts a whole life long.

And I cannot stand silently
When faced with so much grace.
My chest is pounding with the need
To celebrate You, God,
And the miracle of Your love.

For You're everywhere, in every place,
In every time, in every space,
And every breath that I take You lend.
You're the only One who satisfies,
The only One who makes my life make sense.

You are generous and kind,
So intimate and close at times,
Yet You reveal Your beauty in the twilight
And the summer evening rain.
You're in the rainbow and the dawn,
You steal my breath and then You're gone,
Yet when the morning sun breaks through,
I look for You and You are here again.

Brian Houston 

Copyright © 2001 Thankyou Music