Flow Mighty River

Written by: Robert Critchley

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Flow mighty river flow river flow
Come Holy spirit flow river flow
Flow mighty river flow river flow
Come living waters flow river flow

There's a river that's flowing
From the throne of God
A sovereign outpouring of His grace
From the heart of the Father
To His sons and His daughters
He is pouring out His Spirit
In these days

So be filled in preparation
For the harvest
For out of us
His streams of life will flow
He has made us to be vessels
Of His mercy and compassion
And true love
The brokenhearted long to know

So come to the waters
And drink from the waters
Be filled with the waters
From on high
Be healed in the waters
Refreshed in the waters
Rejoicing in the waters
From on high

Come and go anointed with Joy
Receive and give
From the River of life

Copyright © 1995 Thankyou Music