He's Watching Over Me

Written by: Robert C Evans

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He's watching over
Watching over His sheep
And it makes me so happy
To know that He's watching
Over me

Up on the hill
He sits on a rock
The Shepherd is watching
Over His flock
It makes me feel good
To know He is there
I am His lamb
Safe in His care

He wants to lead me
On the right path
To get a cool drink
Lie down in the green grass
He puts oil on my head
To chase away flies
He listens for me
If I cry if I cry
'Cause He's

He has good eyes
He knows where we are
In the heat of the sun
Or in the light of the stars
If a lion or bear
Should give us a scare
With a rod in His hand
He'll be there
He'll be there
'Cause He's

I wanna laugh
I wanna sing
I wanna dance
And hear the bells ring
I wanna shout
Ev'rybody see
He's watching over me

Copyright © 1991 Integrity's Hosanna! Music