Two Said Go

Written by: Robert C Evans

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Ten said no
There are giants in the land
Two said go
God will lead us by the hand
Ten said no
We're afraid as we can be
Two said go
God will give us victory

Moses sent twelve men
To spy the promised land
Joshua and Caleb and ten strong men
The land was full of milk and honey
Grapes the size of tangerines
Cities full of giants who were big and mean

How could those ten men
Forget the way that God saves
Pharaoh and his armies
Lie beneath the waves
The fire leads by night
And the cloud leads us by day
God has never failed to show the way

Forty years went by
And everyone who doubted died
The promised land is shut to those afraid
With Jericho in sight
God will show us how to fight
Joshua and Caleb lead the way

Copyright © 1991 Integrity's Hosanna! Music