Written by: Isaiah-Raymond Dyer

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Lord You are my everything
Shepherd Master and my King
Without You I am nothing no
I love You so ohhh

Lord You are my everything
For You I'll do anything
I'll preach Your word I'll pray I'll sing yeah
Let me be the one

When I stop and think about You I can't deny
That the flames of Your burning love
Rages deep inside
So I wanna stay wrapped up in You
You're the apple of my eye
You make my soul feel better
With Your spiritual high

As the days go by
I need You more and more
Can't make it through this life
You're my only hope
I'm open to Your will Lord I'm yielded still
You're the one for me I'm giving You my all

Now we have this love thing going
Don't wanna let You down
You've been so good to me
You're always around
Just wanna live for You Lord for the rest
Of my days
And I wanna please You Jesus in everyway

Whatever comes my way
I will always live live for You each day
And I'll be positive
Lord give me more grace as I run this race
Can't wait for the day when I see Your face

Oh Lord You're my everything
Real joy to my life You bring
You alone touch me deep within
And that is why I sing

Copyright © 2003 Integrity's Hosanna! Music