O Give Me A Hearing Heart

Written by: Philip Lawson Johnston

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O give me a hearing heart O Lord
Give me the will to obey
Give me a desire to renew my love
To keep my heart open through the day
And give me a holy fear O Lord
Give me a hatred of sin
Cleanse me from secret and shameful thoughts
Brighten the eyes that have grown dim

That I may see that I may hear
That I may love the things that You hold dear
That I may change that I may grow
That Your likeness may now begin to grow
Give me a hearing heart
Give me a hearing heart
Give me a hearing hearing heart

And give me a faithful heart O Lord
Give me the nerve to believe
You give me the confidence to draw near
Freedom to come and receive
And give me a waiting heart O Lord
To stay silent before Your throne
Give me a real and determined desire
To seek You and serve You alone

Copyright © 1987 Thankyou Music