Flood Over Me

Written by: Aaron Keyes

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Flood over me (flood over me)
Holy Spirit rain down (rain down on me)
Let Your glory surround this place (I've come)
As I worship and sing Your praise
Rise up in me a heart
Rejoicing that You've set me free
Come break the chains with songs of liberty
Flood over me

I am empty feeling weary
Sometimes lonely ever needy
You completely satisfy me
With Your love and all that You are

Father fill me with Your Spirit
I come asking will You give it
Living water overwhelm me with Your power
And current Divine flood over me

Flood over us
(We want to see You high and lifted up)
We've come to celebrate Your endless love
(Refresh and redeem with the water and blood)
For all You are and Father all You've done
(Bring life out of death with Your Holy touch)
So flood over us
(As Your Spirit washes over us)

Copyright © 2003 Thankyou Music

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