Lord We Wait

Written by: Keith Getty, Stuart Townend

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Lord We Wait As sung by: Stuart Townend / Keith Getty

Original Key: D

Verse 1:
D        A
Lord, we wait 
Em/G    Em7         G  D/A A
For the day of Your appearing;
D        A
Lord, we wait 
D/F♯     G         A7  D
For Your coming in the clouds.

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LORD, WE WAIT for the day of Your appearing;
Lord, we wait for your coming in the clouds.

With a shout the trumpet will sound,
And the dead will be raised to life,
And we shall meet Him in the air!

In that day death is swallowed up in victory;
In that day sin and death will be no more.

Now in part - we see shadows of His glory;
Then in full - we shall see Him face to face!

Stuart Townend and Keith Getty

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© 2004 Thankyou Music